Sweat : Jake Myers

Don't Quit is an artist-made workout video featuring a string
of 1 minute exercise videos made by the following video artists:

EverythingIsTerrible (Commodore Gilgamesh)

Ben Russell

Prince Rama

E Aaron Ross

Jesse Avina

Jake Myers

Lara Unnerstall

Alyssa Lee Wilmot & George Alley

Stephanie Burke & Jeriah Hildwine

Meredith & Anna

Steven Frost

Theodore Darst & Anja Jamrozik

James Green

Aaron Orsini & Adam Rux

Mark Sansone

Alfredo Salazar-Caro

Chris Smith

Kiam Marcelo Junio

Aaron Straus

& Dechon Jones

Jake Myers grew up in the suburbs of Chicago playing sports,

working at an outlet mall and engaging in all of the mechanisms

of a spectacular hyper-competitive society. He was skeptical of 

this heteronormative upbringing but had no language or structure

to respond adeptly. Art school exposed Myers to people like Paulo

Freire, Guy Debord and various ways of critically responding to the

world. His work gratuitously merges art, athletics, heroics, existential

crisis, homoeroticism & heternomativity.