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Revisiting ROUGH TRADE

August 29th, 2012

  The Present Tense is gearing up for ROUGH TRADE II that begins in just 1 week.  ROUGH TRADE II is an exchange between live artists working in Boston and Chicago.  The Present Tense has selected 6 artists to represent Boston in a public event to be held at Defibrillator Gallery on September 7th and […]

A Giving Performance

December 1st, 2011

Sandrine Schaefer and Philip Fryer “Gifting” Mimicking the “Gifting” ritual of Pink River Dolphins, Sandrine and Phil passed a pile of stones from one side of the space to another via their mouths. They were both covered in white cloth that unraveled as we moved across the space. When each rock was deposited on the opposite […]

The Present Tense loves bikes.  What’s not to love?  Bikes are an environmental way to get from Point A to Point B, they are interesting objects, and most of all they are FUN!  The Present Tense Co-Founder, Sandrine Schaefer hasn’t always had the joyful relationship with bikes that she does now.  Severe Asthma and allergies […]

Our recent call to artists working with Rope/ String has come to a close. In the coming weeks, the 10 selected artists will be featured in individual blog posts on The Present Tense. You will see work that uses rope because it is a versatile, durable and accessible material. Some artists use it to draw […]

“Lean” Grand Isle, LA There are 13 days left for Adventures in Being (small)’s fundraising effort on Kickstarter. Please support if you can (any amount helps) and spread the word to contribute to the growth of this project!  Thank you! “X” Grand Isle, LA all photos by Daniel S. DeLuca

While many Americans were digesting their Thanksgiving experience and braving the malls on Black Friday, Daniel S. DeLuca and I set out to begin the Adventures in Being (small) tour across the United States. We have now been traveling for 15 days. The majority of our time has been spent experiencing the southern area of […]

Adventures in Being (small)

November 15th, 2010

I have been involved in a romance with space since I came into being. When I speak of space, I am not referring to stars and galaxies, but physical space here on earth, both natural and manmade. My love affair with space is one of many reasons that I have committed myself to making and […]