Stillness Series- Daniel S. DeLuca

Sitting With Cloud Gate

October 21st, 2009, 7am- 5pm

Chicago, Millennium Park

On October 21st, 2009, Boston-based artist, Daniel S. DeLuca sat in front of Cloud Gate by Anish Kapoor in Millennium Park in Chicago from the hours of 7 am-5pm.    This was part of a series of actions in response to public art that DeLuca was working on at the time.  Concentrating on the action of deep breathing, with eyes half closed, the artist observed his thoughts and bodily sensations.  DeLuca considers this a process of stillness.  This is a process that involves only the essential movements.  He states “Physically, we will never be still, although we may perceive moments of slow and subtle movement, the world underneath us is moving, and the world is in yet another movement orbiting the sun, and so on and so forth. Striving for the physical concept of stillness is a way to access acuity of sensation, observation, and experience.  This acuity is important for most of my work; it focuses me on my actions and environment.”

“Most people who visited the sculpture would behave in similar fashions; they would be seduced by the brilliant reflective quality of the sculpture and proceed to take pictures of themselves in it. Most interactions only lasted a few minutes before viewers left. I interpreted the sculpture quite literally. For me it indicated both inward and outward reflection: reflection on the individual, and reflection on the whole (city).  I wanted to encourage the idea of spending more time with Cloud Gate and to do what I felt like it was asking its audience to do. I spent a full working day, sitting with my eyes half open, reflecting on and observing, my mind, sensorial systems, and the context of cities like Chicago.” – Daniel S. DeLuca


Daniel S. DeLuca is a Boston based artist, and current Mobius member, who uses formal techniques from performance/conceptual art to realize his work. His projects explore structures and concepts related to politics and globalization, art, and psycho-geography. His work has been shown nationally and internationally in the context of private and public spaces, galleries, and performance art festivals. Daniel is currently developing artistic research projects that investigate semiotics and the creation of new language, and large-scale reoccurring events around the world.

all photos by Celia Marks