Rope Series: Adam Gruba

"Prisoner of Infinity" 2010

“A rope can save or take away lives. Using a rope marks particles in a given time of our lives. I am using the elements in an endless rope, trying to wrap free or suspend gravity. Bound in a loop on the finger, a string helps one remember. I remember the first rope connected to my mother. I remember when it started to cut off the search. It sometimes seems to me that I must still be somewhere guided by a rope. Am I the Minotaur, or maybe a maze?” – Adam Gruba

“Experiment #3: Suspension/Pillow” 2010

Gruba falls asleep in a state of suspension. He describes the experience of this piece:

“…our thoughts venture simultaneously in two directions. Pain of the lines holding up an unmoving face, which we would like to get rid of, and at the same time the mechanism of catatonic processes is begun.”
location of performance: Poland

“Prisoner of Infinity” 2010

Performance in Oswiecim (Auchwitz) near market square, in front of Jewish Center building in Poland. Gruba uses his body to create the symbol of leminiskata (the infinity).  Using a rope that measures 100 meters, Gruba creates an interaction between people in the city with the “Prisoner of Infinity.”

Adam Gruba (b. 1988) – deals with the wider art of intermedia and their activities using the elements of performance, video, object, text. He uses a combination of performance to communicate new versions of philosophy – while aligning rules of representation between an image and the understanding of the image.  Performance uses an image reduction of aesthetics at the expense of its intellectual dimension, which for him, is the greatest importance in showing the work in process. Gruba’s work shows a thin line between art and life, creation and reality.  He has shown his performance and video work in Poland, Germany, Israel, Spain, Australia and Hungary. He is currently studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Continue reading