Bicycle Series- “Learning to Ride a Bike” 2007 Sandrine Schaefer

The Present Tense loves bikes.  What’s not to love?  Bikes are an environmental way to get from Point A to Point B, they are interesting objects, and most of all they are FUN!  The Present Tense Co-Founder, Sandrine Schaefer hasn’t always had the joyful relationship with bikes that she does now.  Severe Asthma and allergies prevented Sandrine from having the signature childhood experience of learning how to ride a bike.  At the age of 26, with strong lungs, Sandrine decided to gift herself this experience.  The other Present Tense Co-Founder, Philip Fryer gathered bike parts with their friend, Ryan Stantis and Ryan built her the bicycle of her dreams!  She invited her friends to join her in an interactive performance where they could teach her how to ride her bike.  She also invited the crowd to name her bike and asked them to gift her a trophy when they collectively decided that she had demonstrated the basic skills needed for bike riding.  This is footage from the performance.


4 years later, Sandrine and her beloved “Jersey Devil” have went on countless adventures and are looking forward to a beautiful life together.