Collaborative Duos- Part 1

The Present Tense was built out of Sandrine Schaefer and Philip Fryer‘s long time collaboration.  Because of this, we have always held collaborative duos close to our hearts.  Next month, LONG-TERM, a live art event curated by Sandrine Schaefer and Adriana Disman that features the work of various artist duos who investigate extended duration, will come to Toronto’s Hub 14.  In honor of this upcoming event and our sustained love of artists who choose to make work together, The Present Tense has revisited the archives to bring you a few videos from artist duos we have exhibited through the years.  To begin, we are sharing excerpts from Sandrine and Phil’s 17 year “Cicada Project.”  Then we revisit the Contaminate Festival to share Mari Novotny-Jones & Kristina Lenzi and Coach TV.  We also bring you JV‘s “Trapped” at the Seconds Festival, The Royal Najo Family at PT3 and Tomoko Kakeda and Joanne Stein at PT5.  Enjoy!



Sandrine Schaefer & Philip Fryer “Cicada Project” 2006-2023

Philip Fryer & Sandrine Schaefer from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

Cicada Project 8.2010 from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

3CiadasFinal from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

Mari Novotny Jones & Kristina Lenzi at the Contaminate 3 International Performance Art Festival curated by The Present Tense & TEST 2008

Mari Novotny Jones and Kristina Lenzi @ Contaminate 3 2008 from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

Tomoko Kakeda & Joanne Stein  at PT5 curated by The Present Tense 2007

Tomoko Kakeda & Joanne Stein@ PT5 2007 from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

Royal Najo Family at PT3 curated by The Present Tense 2007

Royal Najo Family @ PT3 2007 from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

JV at the Seconds International Performance Art Festival curated by The Present Tense 2006

JV @ Seconds 2006 from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

Coach TV at the Contaminate 1 International Performance Art Festival curated by The Present Tense & TEST 2006

Coach TV @ Contaminate 1 2006 from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

Rope Series: Kristina Lenzi

The Present Tense first had the pleasure of showing Kristina Lenzi‘s work at the first Contaminate Festival. Lenzi created “Wrapping Paper” a disturbing, humorous, questionably erotic, and unseasonable (the festival took place well after Christmas had passed) piece.

Recently, Kristina Lenzi’s has been making performance work about fatal accidents.

"Fatal Accidents" 2011

In “Fatal Accidents” Lenzi uses string to attach a helium balloon to her left foot.  She attaches a long string of small Tibetan bells with a fairly heavy rock attached to the end of the string on her right foot.  The helium balloon bounces about in front of her face while she walks slowly, dragging the rock behind her, and carrying a palm-sized lit candle cupped in her hands.  She enters through a front door and exits through a back door.  Her mental focus is mindful of the candle flame and of the potential for fatal accidents.

Kristina Lenzi is a performance artist and painter living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Lenzi’s performance art work employs live action with painted images and often includes audience participation.  Lenzi examines troubling current affairs such as war, anger, mental illness and the economy.  She uses satire, athletic endeavors, meditation, various personae, painted images and symbolic materials to explore her content.  Lenzi often draws from her personal experience, frequently referencing feminism, sexism, religious bigotry and her Utah upbringing.

Lenzi is an adjunct professor of drawing at the University of Utah and an adjunct professor of drawing, collage, performance art  and color theory at Weber State University.  Lenzi has presented her works in festivals and venues across the United States, including the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Mobius in Boston, Waterloo Center for the Arts in Iowa, Performance Studies International at Brown University and New York University.  Lenzi has acquired an international reputation with a performance in Warsaw, Poland.  Lenzi is a 2008 Tanne Foundation Award recipient for her work in performance art.  Lenzi holds a BFA degree in drawing and painting from the University of Utah and a MFA degree from Tufts University.

Contaminate I 2006 Trailer

We were not able to get anything posted last week, so to make up for it I’m giving you a trailer of the first Contaminate Festival.13 performances in under 3 minutes! Each one of these performances will eventually have their own edit and post, but I think its important to understand the context in witch they were witnessed.

This festival was significant on numerous levels. Its was the first of many events organized using the Midway Studios Theater space in Fort point, which at the time was unfinished. It was the first time that we collaborated with Test Performance Art Event, and it was the first time that we had multiple traveling artists coming to show their work. Contaminate I acted as a model for the events and festivals that came after it because of its size and because we all learned what its like to have 10 cooks in the kitchen. I loved every minute of this festival, as and organizer, as and artist and as a viewer.