Taste: Zierle and Carter

In 2008, The Present Tense (in collaboration with TEST) had the privilege of screening the following documentation as part of the video program at the Contaminate 3 Festival.  This site-sensitive piece created by art couple, Alexandra Zierle & Paul Carter , titled “Spillings” took place in Buenos Aires at Plaza de Miserere.
Responding to the interactions they observed during their first visit to the city square, Zierle and Carter’s created a piece that commemorated the hidden inhabitants living in the area.   The square is located next to a railway station and well known for its crime. The action in the piece, leads the often unnoticed ones to the iron gates that encase the monumental tomb of the first president of the country.  “Spillings” utilizes the sense of taste to communicate between species in order to illuminate something invisible,  offering an opportunity to shift common perceptions of a place and celebrate its beauty.




Summer warms Boston as The Present Tense stretches it’s limbs and wipes hibernation from it’s eyes.  In our somnolence, visions of the future abound!  As of June 1 The Present Tense has moved on from MEME Gallery to explore new curatorial terrain.  We are also investigating our roles as creators, nestling into new bodies of work.  We are observing, digesting, contemplating, strategizing, dreaming, growing, learning, and hoping.  In times of change we are driven to revisit the constant thread that has lead us to our present space:  the affinity of our collaboration.

"Hunt Togather" 2005, International Performance Art Congress, Muenster, Germany "Their Not Biting.  I'm Not Itching" 2005, International Performance Art Congress, Sacremento, CA "Russell Square" 2006 Contaminate I, Boston, MA

"Transaction" 2004 TEST 4, Boston, MA
We began by tasting one another’s conceptual process and aesthetic while simultaneously searching for common ground.

Our process developed to acknowledge the exercise of meeting in the middle.

"Diamond Theory" 2010, Mobius' ArtRages, East Boston, MA

Our process has evolved to mimic the shape of a diamond.

“Congratulations on your Empire” was our first experience within the walls of MEME (then 55 Gallery). It evolved with an intentional beginning, middle, and end, that shed new light on our potential as collaborators.  Shortly after, 55 was gifted to us and MEME emerged.  Today begins MEME’s 2nd cycle.  Alice Vogler, Dirk Adams, and Vela Phelan will continue with MEME, bringing it into a new epoch.  As we examine the future of our collaboration and The Present Tense, we eagerly anticipate MEME’s development and we feel sincere gratitude for having the opportunity to contribute to it’s genesis.