Contaminate I 2006 Trailer

We were not able to get anything posted last week, so to make up for it I’m giving you a trailer of the first Contaminate Festival.13 performances in under 3 minutes! Each one of these performances will eventually have their own edit and post, but I think its important to understand the context in witch they were witnessed.

This festival was significant on numerous levels. Its was the first of many events organized using the Midway Studios Theater space in Fort point, which at the time was unfinished. It was the first time that we collaborated with Test Performance Art Event, and it was the first time that we had multiple traveling artists coming to show their work. Contaminate I acted as a model for the events and festivals that came after it because of its size and because we all learned what its like to have 10 cooks in the kitchen. I loved every minute of this festival, as and organizer, as and artist and as a viewer.