Adventures in Being (small) US tour Photo Post #1

While many Americans were digesting their Thanksgiving experience and braving the malls on Black Friday, Daniel S. DeLuca and I set out to begin the Adventures in Being (small) tour across the United States.

We have now been traveling for 15 days. The majority of our time has been spent experiencing the southern area of the country through a car window.  Even through the barrier of the windshield, it has been a sensory explosion. I have seen the most bizarre trees, cartoon-like cacti, consumerist sprawl, farm after farm, infinite piles of objects now deemed obsolete, and purple mountain majesties!

Here are selected images from the project thus far.  Keep checking back for more updates!

“Southern Bell” Baltimore, MD

“Needle in a Haystack” Roanoke,VA

“Tractor Tire”  Chatsworth, GA

“Wilbanks” Chatsworth, GA

“Turquoise Pipes” Baton Rouge, LA

“Wheels” Baton Rouge, LA

“Convent of Perpetual Adoration” New Orleans, LA

“Sign” New Orleans, LA

“Forgotten Swings” New Orleans, LA

“Daniel’s Clown” New Orleans, LA

“Weatherman (for Phil)” New Orleans, LA

all photos by Daniel S. DeLuca