In 2003, action art experienced a resurgence in Boston. Inspired by the explosive movement happening around them, Sandrine Schaefer and Philip Fryer created The Present Tense.  Since then they have developed a series of thriving bridges between Boston and other parts of the world that are connected by ephemeral art.  The Present Tense also hosts this online archive of work that Sandrine and Philip have created, witnessed and curated through The Present Tense. The goal of this living archive is to provide a permanent presence/ exhibition space for ephemeral art that has difficulty finding space to be seen.The Present Tense challenges cultural perceptions of what art can be through its commitment to curating this often misunderstood art form.

The Present Tense believes that art is an access point for growth. To date, The Present Tense has organized and curated dozens of art events, festivals, artist exchanges, exhibitions, and co-founded the late MEME Gallery in 2009. They have shown over 300 artists from across the globe and during this process they have accumulated footage, relics, and many relationships.

Boston has served as a Mecca for live art for the last 30 years. The presence of Mobius artist group, the performance art department at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, and multiple art initiatives that have made their presence known throughout the years has offered a platform for this often misunderstood medium to flourish. Boston’s transitory landscape has also offered itself as an inspiring environment for ephemeral art.

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The Present Tense does not claim to own any of the artwork exhibited on this sight. All work is copywritten by the artists.