Remembering Bob

On Monday, Feb. 27th 2012, the performance art community lost one of it’s most important members, Bob Raymond.  Bob was a staple in the Boston Performance Art community for over 30 years. He was a long time member of the Mobius Artist Group.  In addition to being an intermedia artist, Bob was committed to documenting and archiving the work of countless artists from Mobius and beyond.  His expertise and sensitivity to time-based media was always apparent in his photographs and in the way he would document performance pieces.  Often times, cameras can distract and feel obtrusive during a performance piece.  Bob was always mindful of this.  He approached documenting performance art with the utmost respect. (he even bought a camera with the quietest shutter speed, so as not to interrupt pieces!) It was considered an honor to have Bob Raymond document your work.

In addition, Bob was a phenomenal person.  He was kind, generous, funny, and a good friend.  Being one of our biggest supporters from the very beginning, he had an enormous impact on The Present Tense.  He always attended our events, photographed for us, and shared his wisdom.  We are grateful to have had the opportunity to know and learn from him.  His presence and contribution to the movement will be missed enormously.

The Present Tense