Announcement: MEME And Accumulation

Announcing a new show in a new space!


MEME & The Present Tense presents: 


(Phase I)  

June 7-27, 2009 


55 Norfolk Street 

Cambridge, MA 02139 



Accumulation (phase I) will provide an environment to witness the evolution of a space that has 

been activated by accumulated creative action. Over the duration of this exhibition the 6 Boston- 

based artists and curators of MEME will spontaneously create an evolving installation.  

All evidence from these actions will remain in the space and each artist will be challenged with 

how to interact with another’s remnants. Accumulation will challenge ideas about artist 

collaboration while creating an innovative exhibition of performance art documentation.  


Accumulation’s opening will be held on June 13th  from 12-6pm.  Because of the nature of this 

exhibition, a closing, complete with a screening of video documentation of all occurrences in the 

space will  also be held on June 26th from 7-10pm.  

Artists include: 


Alice Vogler 

Bradley Benedetti 

Dirk Adams 

Philip Fryer 

Sandrine Schaefer 

Vela Phelan 


Located in Central Square, Cambridge, MEME will provide space for ephemeral art to be
made and witnessed. A tireless schedule of exhibitions, screenings, residencies and workshops
will bring together local, national and international artists. MEME’s goal is to provide
support for ideas that typically have a difficult time finding a place in the world.

MEME’s debut will be the first installment of The Present Tense’s Accumulation.
Accumulation will be an evolving installation that will be continually transformed by the six
curators of MEME. These artists will create actions that add, remove, and work off of one
another’s presence and remnants.  The life of this process will be on display from
June 7-June 27.

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