Johannes Bergmark – The Veloncell Marcel

The Veloncell Marcel is a hommage-copy of Duchamp’s famous Bicycle Wheel. The spokes of the wheel on the kitchen stool (and anything on the fork) are amplified through a contact microphone on the hub. Mine (made 80 years later), has a tyre and a dynamo, for the electrical sound (and light!) (thus the first “electric” instrument that I have made). It was exhibited at the Zanabazar Museum of Fine Arts, Ulanbaatar, mongolia, and donated to the Blue Sun group. It is now in use by the mongolian musician Magnai.

Amplified objects, improvised music, experimental musical instruments, piano technician, composer, writer. Sound sculptures, performance art, lectures, workshops. His materials are cheap, his methods transparent, inspired by the touch of the hands and the poetic appeal of found objects. Explores the microcosm of small sounds without electronic treatments. A performance is an improvised puppet play, he hopes to inspire people to create their own poor man’s utopias. Skeptic and surrealist, he has cooperated with 502 artists from 26 countries on 403 venues in 25 countries. Active in Fylkingen, Electronic Music Studio, Vetenskap och Folkbildning, the Surrealist Group in Stockholm.