Bicycle Series: Joe Bigley: Traversing a Foreign Border Domestically

“Within the context of the project, Traversing a Foreign Border Domestically, the bike seems like the most appropriate mode of transportation. The bike is seen as a symbol of personal freedoms reflecting its self reliance nature reflecting on establishing a sovereign nation in Afghanistan. Bicycling around the country as a performance work, has proven effective in engaging in the public’s natural sense of curiosity augmenting the initiation of a dialogue regarding their thoughts on the war. “

Traversing a Foreign Boarder Domestically was a long-term endurance public performance project. Starting and returning to Ground Zero in Manhattan, New York, Joe Bigley bicycled the length and shape of the border of Afghanistan within the United States.

Averaging 75 miles per day, the project took 69 days to complete. This specific route intended to highlight the arbitrary nature of political boundaries and sets up opportunities to engage in a dialogue with a wider public to archive perceptions on the war.

Joe maintained a neutral stance on the topic of the war within the context of TFBD. This multi-faceted project has an experiential narrative aspect as well as the interactions with the public and their constant and humbling generosity. A wide range of opinions on the war have been collected, in addition to a number of bike related experience.

Project participant

Performance participant

The content my work influences the methodologies and materials chosen for any given project.  My studio practice incorporates a wide range and expanding use of materials including cast metals, kinetic installation, digital video and performance work. I am constantly exploring the role that art plays in society by challenging the location of arts existence both in thought and physicality. Lately my work has been placing itself in a public setting to gauge a reaction to scenarios that challenge people’s expectations of navigating through the everyday.

For lots more information, videos, and photos, please visit this project’s website.