Rope Series: Devrim Omer ADA & Semiha ERDOGAN

“The rope binds.  The rope builds up relationships.  By a single rope, very complex structures can be constructed. If we reverse it; very complex structures can be grown out of just a single rope.  Whole lace is formed with a single piece of rope.” – Devrim Omar ADA & Semiha ERDOGAN

"Lace" 2007 location: handmade lace covering a historic building on Istiklal Street, Istanbul

Devrim Omer ADA and Semiha ERDOGAN feel happiest in nature.  This love has fueled their dedication to refrain from using materials that could hurt nature within their art practice.

They say: “Although existence seems to consist of duality, behind all duality there is a deep,  gentle and esthetic flux.  In this context art is like a journey to the river and the artworks are like the paths that lead to the river.  Spiders, Trees, Time, Natural Energies and Elements are really helping us to understand this.  Making art is like being in a play garden where all the toys that you could ever imagine become real.”

"The Root of Life Tree" 2011 performance about connection with tree created in Turkey

“We realized that in the needlework of life, everything is one and unique.  In this energy system everything is connected with each other and is a whole.

The rope can be both female and male at the same time. While tying a knot or building a construction, the rope passes through its self-created vaginal form with its self-created phallus. It gives birth to a being that consists of itself, different than itself but yet not divergent from itself.”

"Kolay Gelsin" 2007 In a forest in Istanbul

“We have seen the rope explain the relationship between the baby and the mother in mammals very well. The rope coming from the mother (umbilical cord) ties the baby to herself. It transmits all the fundamental substances -including the oxygen- from mother to the baby and it connects baby to life.”

"The Magic of Earth" 2010 a performance about gravity in Spain

“We’ve learnt that; the rope can keep us alive in some of art works and at the same time it can help us to reach deeper level of perception. In other words we can tie our lives to a rope or we can reach deeper level of our existence by the help of a rope. The rope holds us in the thin line between urge of our souls and the urge of our bodies. While tying our lives to a tree, it can help us feel the fascination of gravity.

In brief; the rope makes it easier for us to understand and explain all kinds of information, like the perception of time, a thousand years old ancient knowledge, the major laws of physics, the solar system, atoms quantum physics, social relationships, making love etc.

But the most important thing is: the rope loves us and we love the rope.”

"Kolay Gelsin" 2007 In a forest in Istanbul

Devrim Omar ADA was born in Eskisehir/ Turkey and holds a Master’s Degree from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Institute of Social Sciences, Painting Department, 2008

Semiha ERDOGAN was born in Antalya/ Turkey and graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Architecture Faculty, Industrial Products Design Department, 2009

They are living in a small village in nature where they continue their work on traditional arts, Shamanistic practices and natural phenomena like gravity. They have made several works and participated in exhibitions throughout Europe.