Rope Series: Fernando Ribeiro

"Distensão (Distention)" 2010, location: Curitiba, Brazil

Fernando Ribeiro asks “how do we make an action?” with his work. His work is often simple and linear structure, while remaining open to a wide range of interpretation and development. Ribeiro’s works are based on the person, the body, the own self. By taking responsibility for his actions instead of giving powers to others, Ribeiro believes that the freedom he gives to his witnesses create powerful connections between his body, the audience and the actions he employs.

“In this work the rope has an essential role: to allow distention.  Working with two ropes, one attached to my hand and foot on the right side and the other the left. By means of this rope hooks fixed to the wall so that the ropes go through every move I make. If I pull my arm, my movement is not just one arm, but also the entire fixed rope to my feet.

The rope becomes the link in my action and space, allowing my action to distend the space, so that my every action and movement have consequences across the plot under construction.” – Fernando Ribeiro

Fernando Ribeiro is a performance artist and DJ. Lives and works in Curitiba, south of Brazil. He began his research in performance art in 2000 and presented his first performance, “Eu e o Público” (“Me and the Public”), in 2001. He’s been developing a vast practical and theoretical research on the field, presenting several works, conducting workshops and lectures, fomenting performance art in his city.