Rope Series: Xray Aims

“I use string and ribbon to draw. To draw images. To draw things

together. To draw conclusions. To draw actions. I love the way it

feels, the way it looks, the way a lot of it piles up. I love the

process of dealing with it, the time it takes to connect one thing to

another, the care it takes to not get tangles or knots. The time it

takes to undo the mistakes. It creates the timing, it is it’s own

timing mechanism.” – Xray Aims

"Let : Bleed" 2009

Xray Aims’ work investigates flesh, the body in space, and the built environment.  This work often reveals that which is hidden or unexplored due to societal pressure or personal boundaries.  Needles are used to pierce the skin; to break through and anchor the body to the space.  Ribbon or thread is used to connect the subject/ body to the built environment and to illustrate a story or concept.  Although the concepts that this work is built on is generated by Aims, collaboration is an integral part of the work’s execution. Others contribute to these pieces, offering their bodies, blood, and in the case of “Let: Bleed” an opportunity to do something constructive and reviving in an evolving space.

"Let: Bleed" 2009

Let : Bleed was a  cleansing and renewal performance by Xray Aims for artists, art and the envelope (body/gallery) that houses us.  This piece occurred at Samson Projects in April 2009.  The following text was present for the witnesses of this piece:

“Blood is our life source.

Flesh holds it in.

The blood of the artist is let into their work.

The work is sustained and nurtured by the gallery.

The gallery connects artists to each other and to the community.

The connection is through their blood.”

"Let: Bleed" 2009

“Come make an offering of your blood to the art gods.

-for sustenance in desperate economical time

-to be released from jealousy and competitive feelings

-to purify the gallery and bless the new one

-to connect with your community

-for endurance, nurturance, and stimulation

-your reason

-your other reason”

"Let: Bleed" 2009

Aims went through a process of piercing the skin of 3 performers and several patrons and installing them into the space by connecting the piercings with ribbon.  When the participants were cut free, the needles were removed, and their blood was placed on the walls.

"Bearings" 2010

In “Bearings” created at the Femina Potens Gallery in San Francisco, CA in 2010, Aims investigated the myriad meanings of the concept of “orientation”.

"Bearings" 2010

"Bearings" 2010

“Pure”, created for “Pure: Art, Medicine, Technology. An Experiment” at the Temporary
Gallery, Brighton, MA in 2006 further explored the idea of the built space and body as the envelope.  Flat white ribbon bled from the walls, round red ribbon bled from the body.

"Pure" 2006

Xray Aims was born, and currently lives, in Boston. Aims studied art

and architecture at RISD and holds a BFA ’91 and B.Arch. ’92. Aims

has many years of design experience. Aims was nominated for the ICA’s

Foster prize in 2010, has had work in galleries (MEME, Femina

Potens, Samson Projects, Deitch Studios, Art Interactive), has

performed on stages (The Tank, The Theater Offensive, NYC MIXfest, WOW

Cafe Theater, Galapagos). Aims has performed and taught in the US,

Canada and Germany.