Rope Series: Peter Dobill

"Inhaler" 2004

"Inhaler" 2004

Brooklyn-based artist and curator, Peter Dobill focuses on the body in action in his work.  Within these actions, he believes that mental and physical planes of existence are created, establishing autonomy in endurance, physical movement, and structure.

“With my body, I alter and construct my vessel of experience, intrinsically connecting and emptying myself to a singular moment and time. Within these moments, I can then seek to communicate, focusing on energy exchanged between the audience and myself.

My practice is two-fold; live public actions performed for an audience and private actions performed for the camera. Both practices operate in complimentary forces, with actions relating in physical, structural, and conceptual intensity.”

"Drum Action" 2007 Rope is used in this piece to bind Dobill's body to the tree. It also is used as a "spirit helmet" to facilitate the mental space to perform for hours within the action.

“I use rope and string because in my mind at least it is a prima materia as an art material, a material without cheesy or intellectual baggage or specific connotations, a simple tool to attach and assemble other materials or used as its own material. In a more practical sense, the inexpensiveness and availability of rope and string make it a simple choice in the art making process, especially in building installations.”

– Peter Dobill

"Gong Ringer" 2010 Rope creates a pulley system in this piece to propel Dobill's body into the gong.

Check out a new action titled “AD UNUM” at MEME gallery this Saturday, May 7th from 7-10 pm as part of an evening dedicated to experimental performance work made by artists living in New York.

Born in New Zealand, Peter Dobill is a Brooklyn, NY based artist. He received his BFA from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in 2004 in addition to receiving the 2008-2009 Franklin Furnace Fund for Performance Art Grant.

Dobill co-founded and curates the annual Maximum Perception Performance Festival in Brooklyn, NY. He has performed and exhibited in galleries/venues including Exit Art, NY, NY; Momenta Art, Brooklyn, NY, Meme Gallery, Cambridge, MA, English Kills Art Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, NurtureArt, Brooklyn, NY; Open Realization Contemporary Art Gallery, Beijing, China, and Rockefeller University, NY, NY.