The Present Tense gets Nostalgic

Our recent call to artists working with Rope/ String has come to a close. In the coming weeks, the 10 selected artists will be featured in individual blog posts on The Present Tense. You will see work that uses rope because it is a versatile, durable and accessible material. Some artists use it to draw connections, conclusions, and create relationships between people, objects, and spaces. Some are enticed by the material’s ability to simultaneously create tension and support. Some treat it as a 3 dimensional line that moves through time. Regardless of the their attraction to this material, each artist uses rope/ string to create provocative performative works.

Rope is of specific interest to The Present Tense because we associate it with our history.
To begin our online Rope/ String Series, we want to share a work Sandrine created in 2003, titled “Swallow”. It was this piece that caused Sandrine and Philip’s meeting and sparked their collaboration. If you look closely you can see Philip in the audience!