Giving Thanks for Paul Waddell

Paul Waddell is an artist, a friend, and a force that The Present Tense has had the pleasure of both showing and curating with. Beginning tomorrow, Paul will spend 72 hours at MEME Gallery giving thanks to Boston, Slash, SMFA, snow, and “everything that makes America great”.  He will be attempting to befriend a domesticated Turkey while watching football, making corn, and engaging in other holiday-related absurd activities. In this parody of Joseph Bueys’ famous performance, “I like America and America likes me,” where he lived in a gallery with a wild coyote, Paul will challenge gallery-goers to interact with him.

In preparation for this piece, appropriately titled, “I like Massachusetts and Massachusetts Massachusetts Massachusetts me” The Present Tense is posting an interview that Philip conducted during Paul’s last visit to Boston during the Spring. Enjoy!

Paul Interview from The Present Tense on Vimeo.