People in Space Says Goodbye

While children in the United States indulged in the ritual of trick or treating on October 31st, the 2010 World Expo in Shanghai China came to a close. Throughout its six-month run, 73.08 million visitors inhabited 5.28sq. Kilometers of space, which housed the creative imaginations of 246 countries and international organizations.  Alongside this closing, People in Space would like to say its final farewell to both the Expo and everyone who has helped make this project a reality. We appreciate having had the opportunity to contribute to and learn from such an extraordinary and landmark event.

We are also happy that this contribution represents a Boston based initiative that showcased the collaboration of artist, organizations, and curators from the United States who are working outside of traditional artistic contexts.  The work that was done was able to reach a diverse and relatively large audience. Through the performances, personal interactions, emails, and exhibition we were able to access an audience of over two thousand people!

In this final post about People in Space, it felt appropriate to say “so long” by highlighting one of our impulse surrogate pieces inspired by Jessica Gath.

The Expo sold official “passport books” as keepsakes for expo goers. You could collect stamps from Pavilions as if you were traveling around the world! Visitors could often be found rushing through a Pavilion just to find where their stamp could be collected, pushing, shoving and even throwing elbows to get to the front of the line for a stamp. People in Space could not ignore these swarms!

Passport Stamping Phenomena @ the World Expo from The Present Tense on Vimeo.

Boston area artist and supporter of People in Space, Jessica Gath suggested that we create our own stamp, in line with the traditional vermillion ink stamps found on Chinese prints. After learning that the US Pavilion was one of the only Pavilions that did not provide a commemorative stamp for its visitors, we had stamps made and put Jessica’s suggestion into practice.

People in Space Artist/ Founder/ Director, Daniel DeLuca and I will continue to distill our documents and experiences within the format of a book about People in Space. Keep an eye out for this publication in the coming months. Again, we would like to thank you for your support and attention through this project!