Technology Doomed for Obsolescence- Gabin Cortez Chance @ PT3

To begin our next series of Thematic Posts, “Technology Doomed for Obsolescence,” we are sharing a durational piece The Present Tense curated into our event, PT3 at Midway Studios in Boston in 2007. Gabin Cortez Chance installed himself at a desk in a small room in the performance space. He was surrounded by money strewn across the floor. On the desk, he had a pile of bank and loan statements, a computer, and amplified his cell phone so that the conversation he would have was heard throughout the space. He proceeded to call his bank and engage in a conversation that demystified the reality of what actually goes on with our money. Appropriately titled, “Gabin Takes on Banks,” this piece used humor to educate the audience and has gained a new relevance in the wake of the US Financial Crisis. “Gabin Takes on Banks” illuminates the absurdity involved in his bank’s lending structure, simultaneously addressing the obsolescence of human to human exchange via telephone.

Gabin Cortez Chance @ Present Tense 3 from The Present Tense on Vimeo.